Lion's Den

Lion's Den NFT

Planned Q2 2023

The Lion’s Den is the future of our project. The metadata in this NFT will store all of your trait information. A Holder can go to our website and connect their wallet. The Lion’s Den NFT will allow access to the Lion's Den. Here the user can add traits to their Collection. As more traits are added, The changing room will increase in rarity and staking rewards. The holder can see their Unlucky Lion and the available traits in their Den. Using a preview image of the final NFT, a holder can update the traits on their base Unlucky Lion. New traits will be introduced in the future allowing for a fully customizable and unique Lion.

Technical Operations

The Lion's Den website page will operate a special blockchain code that will allow for a Holder to update the Metadata on their Unlucky Lion NFT. This code will have 2 major functions.
First Function: Burn a new trait and update the metadata on the Lions Den NFT to reflect ownership of the burned trait.
  • Example: A holder minted a new hat trait. They would like to add this to their Lions Den NFT. When code is initiated the Trait NFT is burnt and the Lion’s Den’s metadata is updated. The Lion’s Den now reflects ownership of that new hat trait in the metadata.
Second Function: Updating the metadata on the Unlucky Lion Collection and the Lion's Den NFT. When a trait change is initiated the code will update the metadata on the Lion's Den and the Unlucky Lion. Whatever traits are changed they will be swapped from the den to the Unlucky Lion.
  • Example: Lion’s Den NFT metadata says it contains a Hawaiian shirt. Unlucky Lion's metadata shows that it has a Black Shirt on. User wants to swap shirts and initiates the code. After the transaction is processed through the blockchain, the Lion's Den NFT no longer has a Hawaiian shirt. It now has a black shirt reflected in the metadata, and the Unlucky Lion's metadata shows that it now has a Hawaiian shirt on.