The Lionstone is a NFT awarded to members of the OG role. Lionstone holders will be granted Alpha Lion role. This role will replace the OG Role. The Lionstone will be linked to the Alpha Lion role (buying or selling Lionstone will add or remove Alpha Role). Alpha Passes will be Free to members of the OG role + TX Fees.
Lionstone Total supply: 100
Price: Free to claim for Alpha Lions Date: TBD (sometime after Unlucky Mint)

Utility of Lionstone

  • Special announcements channel (get announcements, sneak peaks, Alpha early)
  • 1 Free Mint from future collections
  • 10% discount on Mane Collection Mints
  • Half of all Whitelist opportunities will be raffled to Lionstone holders
  • Special giveaways for Lionstone holders
  • Early minters window
  • Ada Airdrop with The Mane Collection Mints
Each Lionstone can get an airdrop containing a small percentage of the Mane Collection Mints. Holding Lucky Lions CNFTs can power up your Lionstone to 100% potential Airdrop. For the best results, the holder must have 20 Lions per Lionstone. The holder’s Lionstone and Lucky Lions must be staked for a minimum of 30 days prior to next mint. Must hold a minimum of 1 lion for a 5% airdrop drop.

Airdrop Power Up

  • 5 Lions = 25%
  • 10 Lions = 50%
  • 15 Lions = 75%
  • 20 Lions = 100%