Lion Rock!

Welcome to the beautiful village of Lion Rock!
Lions come from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful views and to catch a glimpse into the past at Lion Temple. If you need supplies visit the Market Toe on top of the pillars. Up there you can also stop by the blacksmith or partake in the community garden.
Wait, turn right here!
Most of the residents here are members of the famous Lion’s Guard. Thanks to them, we no longer live in fear of the Ancients. They spend a lot of time in the game arena. There, lions will battle for prizes and bragging rights. Ok, It's just here on the right. This Den has been prepared for you to stay in while you are here. It has a wonderful view of the valley. You have been summoned by the Roundtable to lead the Temple Research Team. That's quite an honor. They say you are the best Lion for the Job! Tomorrow I will introduce you to your team. Get some rest. It's a long journey to the Temple.
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