Mane Collection

The Mane Collection

Planned Q2 2023

The Mane Collection will be an Open Policy. Total supply will also be Open because new traits will always be minted and Burned from this policy. When first minted the trait comes as an NFT.
New traits will be made available in a few different ways:
  • Airdrops
  • Claims
  • Mane Collection drop

On MANE Collection mint days

Lucky Lion Holders will be White Listed to the MANE Collection (1 for 1). This means if you hold 20 Lucky Lions you can mint 20 new traits from the MANE Collection. Unlucky Lions included as well!

Some of our ideas for the MANE Collection include:

  • Current Events
  • Holiday Traits
  • Seasonal Traits (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
  • Country flags
  • Anime traits
  • Sports teams
  • Super hero
  • traits special matching trait sets( 3 pieces that match)
Custom Trait ideas:
  • Community votes for a NFT project to be featured
  • Trait design challenge for community
  • Promote your NFT project Your company logo on a trait
  • Collaborations with clothing design projects

What can i do with my new trait?

When the new trait is in NFT form it can be sold on secondary, or if holder wants to add the trait to their Lion's Den NFT, the original NFT will be burnt and added to the metadata of the Lion's Den. Once the trait is added to holders Lion's Den NFT it will no longer be an NFT lowering the supply of The Mane Collection. This action also increases the rarity and value of the Lion's Den NFT. We have something special planned for all those traits in your Lion’s Den!